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Recoding of genetic information by the ribosome

We are glad to invite you to the next edition of IMol Science Club on March 22nd. This time we will be joined by Marina Rodnina of Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences.

In her talk Prof. Rodnina will summarize the recent advances in understanding the mechanisms of three types of recoding events: stop-codon readthrough, –1 ribosome frameshifting, and translational bypassing. Recoding events provide insights into alternative modes of ribosome dynamics that are potentially applicable to other non-canonical modes of prokaryotic and eukaryotic translation.

March 22nd 2023, 2 PM CET IMol conference room, Flisa street no 6, Warsaw Marina Rodnina Recoding of genetic information by the ribosome: ribosome frameshifting, stop-codon readthrough and translational bypassing

The seminar is open to the public. More information and registration form:

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