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SONATA BIS 12 NCN grant for Abdelhalim Azzi

Zaktualizowano: 21 mar 2023

We’ve already informed that four of our Group Leaders have been awarded the SONATA BIS 12 grant. In the next few posts, we will take a closer look at their winning projects.

Dr. Abdelhalim Azzi (Laboratory of Lipids and Chronobiology) about his his project

“Circadian signaling functions of the phosphoinositide phosphatase SHIP2”:

– Phosphoinositides are low abundance cellular membrane lipids which control numerous aspects of cellular signaling. Phosphoinositides levels and distribution show a wide range of variation. Whether this distribution follows a specific daily pattern under basal condition, or in response to various stimuli, and how this dynamic affects various aspects of daily cellular signaling and physiology is still unknown. To answer these questions, we will use the phosphoinositides phosphatase SHIP2 as a genetic model.

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