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THINKING is the future

...are the institute’s internal seminars and excellent opportunities for group leaders, students, and postdocs to present their research to colleagues. The seminars take place every two weeks and include insights into planned research, work-in-progress or ready-to-publish work.


The goal of IMol Colloquia is to share our scientific achievements, stimulate the interactions within IMol and endow our junior scientists with precious knowledge of how science should be communicated to audiences of different backgrounds.


IMOL Colloquia
The Internal IMOL Seminar Series

Routine: approximately every two weeks
Number of presenters: 2 per event
Day: Thursday
Time: 3 p.m. CET


Chaired by: Karolina Szczepanowska & Anna Marusiak




14.10.2021      Minji Kim + Ania Marusiak
28.10.2021     Marcin Magnus + Michal Barski
11.11.2021         public holiday (Polish Independence Day)
25.11.2021      Dawid Mehlich + Karolina Szczepanowska
09.12.2021     Hanna Salmonowicz + Piotr Gerlach
23.12.2021     Christmas Break
06.01.2022    public holidays (Three Kings)

13.01.2022     Ben Hur Mussulini + Remigiusz Serwa
27.01.2022    Alicja Mazan + Abdelhalim Azzi
10.02.2022    Jadwiga Meissner + Vanessa Linke
24.02.2022   Agnieszka Chacinska + Magda Konarska
10.03.2022    Mayra Borrero Landazábal + Maciej Ciesla
24.03.2022   Moh Egy Rahman Firdaus + Michal Wasilewski
07.04.2022   Mahdi Mahdi + Tomasz Stępkowski
28.04.2022   Biniyam Tsegaye + Dagmara Dymerska
12.05.2022    Ana Karina D'Ambrosio Goncalves + Agata Kodron
26.05.2022   Eliana Dukhno + Praveen Elancheliyan
09.06.2022   Szymon Golen + Yusufu Rouzimaimaiti