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Dr. Piotr Gerlach's thesis in Molecular Cell

Zaktualizowano: 9 lip 2022

We are proud of Piotr Gerlach whose postdoc project from Elena Conti lab at Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie in Munich, done in collaboration with Torben Heick Jensen lab at Aarhus University in Denmark, has been published in Molecular Cell.

As Piotr explains: ‘RNA exosome is one of the major machineries of our cells that keep our RNA molecules tidy. It relies on specialized adaptor complexes carefully selecting RNA substrates that need to be degraded. Cryo-EM structure presented in the paper reveals the dimeric nature of one of such adaptors - the NEXT complex, and sheds light on the mechanism by which it feeds the RNA exosome with the substrate’.

Congratulations Piotr!

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